make and unmake

The art of making and unmaking beyond the imaginary

January 2005

We are lucid, our desires are new. If imagination is all we have left, then this ALL is a permanent revolution of the everyday. We escape from alienating conformism to reinvent ourselves at every moment. We create a situation that escapes social logic in order to play at imagining and practicing it without further delay. We have to appropriate our history and our existence which the market system has more power on us than the individuals have on themselves. Imagination seems to be given to all, but imagination is not only the fortuitous meeting of elements that make up chance. There is something else… to make the invisible perceptible is the faculty to represent what does not exist, and there, the individuals are different. It is however a crazy happiness which opens in front of us. Look, it smiles at you too. You see? no?! The evidence has made it disappear!

If we are with you, we are not for you!

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